Interrail – Day 1

We decided to start our journey in Belgium, we took a plane to Brussels and landed the airport around 10 am. From there to the city center wasn't an easy route. The signalization to get out of the airport and to find some transportation to the center was very confusing, and half an hour after walking around … Continue reading Interrail – Day 1


Interrailing Tips

Interrailing was an absolutely incredible experience and one I would recommend to anyone looking for an adventure anytime! While trying to organize this trip, I took note of all the questions and difficulties that I had and here you have tips and some of my mistakes and resolutions. If you are reading this, it's most … Continue reading Interrailing Tips

World War II History in Berlin

In the last 100 years, few cities have had such a tumultuous history as Berlin. It has a really rough history! It's almost impossible to explore Berlin without crossing something with significant historical context from the Battle of Berlin. If you are curious to learn about the World War II, there's nothing like walking the very same streets, where … Continue reading World War II History in Berlin